Monday, March 2, 2009

Food Log: 03.02.09

As I was leaving work and mentally tallying my points for the day I realized that I was on the really low side. So I grabbed a couple of cookies tonight with my evening cup of decaf coffee. They were really yummy and did not make me go over the points range I try to aim for each day.

Then as I was sitting in the cafe reading my book and enjoying my delicous coffee and cookies I had to fight the urge to burst out laughing when I overheard this deep philosphical conversation breaking out, among what looked like fraternity brother type guys, about the quality of Will Ferrell movies.  Will Ferrell never made a bad movie.  Step Brothers is the best.  Anchorman is my favorite.  It was hilarious!  It was as if the McLaughlin group were having this really serious discussion about something of great importance but the topic itself was how great Will Ferrell movies are.  I admit that I did snicker a bit and tried not to be too conspicuous as I glanced over to see what these great minds looked like.

foodww points
b: coffee w/ skim milk (1 - 16 oz) *central market*1
b: light yogurt (1) *h.e.b.*2
b: bran buds (1/3 cup) *all bran*1
b: apple (1 large) *central market* 2
l: spanish rice (4 oz) *taco cabana*4
l: borracho beans (4 oz) *taco cabana*4
s: coffee w/ sugar free creamer (1 - 20 oz) 2
s: chocolate chip cookies (2) *central market*6
s: coffee w/ skim milk (1 - 16 oz) *central market*1

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

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Mama Bear June said...

Testosterone! Snort. Although I did laugh my butt off at the coffee scenes in Kicking and Screaming! ;-)

Congrats on keeping to your points.
Path to Health

Skinny Inside said...

This is my first visit, love your blog and your positive attitude!

Keep up the great work! There is nothing like a Will Ferrell movie to cheer me up, laughter is the best!

Lyn said...

Wow, you really were low on points! I dont do points, but I never seem to be able to eat *too little.* It's nice to have some flex room.

You're doing great :)

Kimberly said...

@Mama Bear - it was just so bizarre hearing the serious tone of their conversation and then juxtaposing that with the topic itself.

@Skinny Inside - Thank you. I find that if I stay positive and never quit then I do much better than if I beat myself up.

@Lyn - Hi! I never was one to eat too little either. But I have made very real, lasting changes in my lifestyle. I vowed to do everything the opposite of what I've done before and you know what? It works! Funny that.

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