Friday, October 31, 2008

Taking It To The Next Level

The good news is that I am 1.8 pounds away from dropping a total of 70 pounds and being under 300 pounds for the first time in about 7 years.

The bad news is that my burn meter keeps going down on Calorie Count. I've lost 30 calories this week alone. This means I have to move more to lose the excess weight.

But I have a plan to take my exercise to the next level. I'm getting a bike!

I've been walking 2+ miles every week night along with 5+ miles each Saturday since the beginning of September. But I am finding that this routine has gotten far too easy and I think I need to do more to up my game. So, I will be scouring craigslist and The Greensheet for a good used bike to use as my main source of transportation. So long METRO. Hello pedal power! This is truly exciting. I will not only burn more calories per hour but I will be doubling the amount of exercise I get each day because I will be biking to and from work.

Who is this woman that is excited about exercise? I don't recognize her at all. But you know what? I think I like her!

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