Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dieting Doesn't Need To Be Hard

When I decided to give myself one last shot at losing this wall of fat that I've been suffocating under for half of my life I knew that it had to be as stress-free as possible. I wasn't going to obsess over measuring things. I wasn't going to feel pressured to cook all the time. I wasn't going to eat nothing but frozen Smart Ones or Lean Cuisines either (although they are quite convenient in a pinch).

So, I came up with a plan. The very nexus of that plan revolved around one very special place - Central Market.

This is the place of my rebirth. It is the source of all of the good tasting and healthy foods that I am now consuming on a daily basis - steamed or grilled vegetables, couscous, roasted potatoes, quinoa, penne with asparagus, roasted red pepper hummus, wild rice, avocado sushi rolls... the list goes on.

I've made friends with the women that work behind the counter of the prepared food case and they inquire about my diet on a daily basis. I check in with them every morning about whether I've walked the night before or how much weight I've lost. They encourage me. One of them is keeping me updated on her routine too.

I hit CM twice daily. On my way to work I pick up my lunch - usually half a small container of vegetables and half a small container of a rice, grain or pasta which I add to the veggie burger or veggie chicken that I keep stocked at work. In the evening I order a decaf, non-fat, sugar free vanilla latte and spend about an hour reading whatever book I am carrying. It is a marvelous way to end the day!

I have never felt better. I don't spend a lot of money. I no longer throw food away because it winds up rotting in the bottom of my refrigerator. I buy just what I need for each day's diet. It is simple. It is easy. And it works!

So, I wrote all of this to say that dieting doesn't need to be hard. It can be rather easy if you can discover what is the right fit for you.


Lyn said...

I hope I find something *easy* as well. It's always a lot of work for me to lose weight. Maybe because I have to consider what I am feeding all my children as well. But I am working it out. I will find what works, because that's what I gotta do!

I am so glad you have found your groove!

Kimberly said...

lyn, you are right. It is much tougher for parents with children to feed to have a routine that is entirely about their weight loss. Ultimately though there is no magic solution for anyone. Everyone is different and it is finding what works for you that is important. I've finally found mine. I hope you find your's. I love your blog and you have much the same experiences that I have had.

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