Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Night Quick Thoughts

  1. I had another great week sticking completely to my diet and exercise plans.

  2. The urge to drown myself in food last night was strong after an encounter yesterday afternoon. I fought that urge and I won. ::does the dance of pride::

  3. Knowing that tables are turning is pretty damned cool, especially when dumb asses realize how badly they screwed up and there is nothing they can do about it.

  4. My co-workers are amazing! I get complimented multiple times each day by practically everyone about how skinny and fantastic I look. I could start to get a bit conceited with all the gushing. It is an incredible feeling.

  5. The plan to have a spa day on my birthday has been scrapped. I wanted to celebrate the fact that this is the first birthday EVER in which my yearly vow to lose weight has actually come to pass. However, I decided to spend the money for the spa day on purchasing a really good pair of shoes for walking/running as well as some new workout clothes. It is a better investment in ME.

  6. Tomorrow I aim to put in 7 miles on Nike+. I want to up the mileage on the weekends (after upping the weekday mileage to 5 miles) and it will be my test run for the new goal.
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. As Marvin Zindler (the real life inspiration for Melvin P. Thorpe in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) used to say - good golf, good tennis or whatever makes you happy!


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

It sounds like you are so happy! I love that your co-workers are so supportive and complimentary. That was a good feeling for me as I lost the weight too. Excellent, excellent job!

I like your plan on your birthday present. A good pair of shoes is a wonderful thing.

Have a great weekend!

Kimberly said...

@Diane Happiness is becoming more and more of a reality for me these days. It is something that seemed unattainable when I was 370 lbs.

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