Monday, August 3, 2009

WSR: Weight 248.8 - Weight Left To Lose 78.8

Height: 5'7"
Age: 40

Starting Weight: 370 lbs
Goal Weight: 170 lbs

Current Weight: 248.8 lbs
Pounds Lost: 121.2 lbs
Pounds Left To Lose: 78.8 lbs

Percent Of Weight Lost: 32.76%
Percent Of Way To Goal: 60.60%

Starting BMI: 57.9
Current BMI: 39.0
BMI Lost: 18.9

Two weeks in to getting back on track and I have ditched the 15 pounds that I've lost and regained a few times. I am less than a pound away from reaching my all time low that I hit before the 15 pound cycle began.

Going back to basics has helped me regain focus. The diet is a bit limited but I am only going to do it for a few more weeks.

My short term goal is to reach 225 by the end of the month (which happens to be my birthday). It is a lot of weight to lose in a month, but with the increased walking I am doing I think it is attainable. I want to be in good shape to win the next Biggest Loser challenge at work that will begin after Labor Day. I have to be able to beat out the skinnier people who can post a higher proportional weight loss for losing the same amount of weight that I do. It is all about the math.


Starting Weight: 248.8 lbs
Goal Weight: 225 lbs

Current Weight: 248.8 lbs
Pounds Lost: 0 lbs
Pounds Left To Lose: 23.8 lbs

Percent Of Way To Goal: 0.00%

Onward and downward!


purple_moonflower123 said...

Whoo! Hoo! You can do it!

Pam said...

WOW - I just found your blog, and we started at the exact same weight (370). I am not as far into my journey as you are - but wow you are such an inspiration for me! Congrats on the loss, and I too believe you can reach your next goal in the time you want to!

Kimberly said...

purple_moonflower123, thanks for your support. I feel like we are weight loss twins.

Pam, Thank you for believing I am inspiration. It is finally feeling real to me. If I can do it, you can do it! :off to check out your blog:

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