Friday, August 7, 2009

Rest Time Is Over

I am going to get up early tomorrow and start moving my butt down the streets to the sounds of my funky beats.

Rest time is over. I have had a few days to recoup my strength and stamina after being sick. However, it is now time to get back out there and burn those calories.

I've missed walking. I've missed the rush of the endorphins. I've missed the amazing feeling of knowing I am becoming more fit each time I get out there and get my heart pumping. The progress picture I posted yesterday has given me an extra burst of motivation. It has confirmed that the extra mileage I added to my routine is really doing my body some good in a hard and fast way.

Walking Training LogI signed up for dailymile and am anxious to see how it interacts with Nike+. If it works well I may use it to log my exercise instead of relying on Nike+ (which has stopped updating).


Fat[free]Me said...

Glad you are feeling well enough to get back out there gain - it really does make me feel good too and I hate it when I can't do it.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've just gotta tell are very inspiring. I weigh around 370 and my name is Kim too so when I came across your page I thought it was kind of ironic. I'm still at the point of feeling stuck and not knowing exactly where to begin this journey again. Thanks for writing everything down so I have something to look at to get ideas. :)

Kimberly said...

@Fat[free]Me - I NEVER in a bazillion years thought I would crave exercise. It is so strange to admit that.

@Kim - I know where you are. I was there for so long I will never forget. If you want something easy to start with then eliminate one thing from your diet. After you have mastered that then move on to something else. It is a lot easier to focus on one thing than to be 100% Diet Gal from the get-go. I started out eliminating my afternoon snacks, then I moved on to sodas, then I switched my huge breakfasts for fruit/yogurt.

Please let me know how you are doing or maybe even start your own blog?

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