Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DDDYC P4: Day 3

I got some absolutely fantastic news today.  One of my users is in need of a web page to enable her to run her own reporting and also provide provide the same access to the coordinators in our various markets.  Normally this work would be done by IT, but since I have been teaching myself web programming in my spare time I requested that I be given the opportunity to create the page and all of the programming that will drive it.  IT approved my request.  So I have a meeting with my user on Friday to map out all of her requirements regarding parameters and any other features she would like included and then I can begin writing the page.  My hope is that this leads to other opportunities because I really do want to change from being an analyst to a full time programmer.  It is where my heart and mind lies.

Food, again, was good totaling at just under 1200 calories.

I've been asked about my food tracker.  It is actually a screen cap of a portion of my bodybugg Nutrition page.

Calories: 1138.
Fluids: 48 oz coffee + 96 oz of water = 144 oz.


Tammy said...

That sounds like a great opportunity. Enjoy. I'm a functional analyst in IT and would someday like to move over to the programmer role.

Your doing great and right on track with your food and exercise. Question about the food, what is HEB Eggplant Slices? Is HEB a brand name?

Kelly said...

That is awesome! I hope it leads to exacly what you want to do.

Love my Bodybugg so much.

Kimberly said...

@Tammy Yes, HEB is a Texas based grocery chain that owns Central Market (my favorite store in the city). They have frozen packages of really tasty, low sodium veggies that I buy. It makes for a nice quick meal when I don't really want or have time to cook something.

Mae Flowers said...

That's great news about the programming opportunity- best of luck- I'm sure you'll be great!

Tena said...

Great news about the programming opp. I hope it pans out and that you get more jobs!

I love those black bean patties :)

Patrick said...

Programmers Rock! At work I seek out with programmers or folks with programming back grounds; generally they have thicker skin and deeper opinions than most. A good thing!

Vegan Chick Pea said...

Your food sounds so good - especially the lunch!

Brett said...

Kim that is fantastic. I ran a huge Ecommerce b2b site for years. I am all about great UI. So happy for you. Knock it out of the ballpark.

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