Thursday, January 13, 2011

The One With The Really Long Title (A La Princess Dieter) About Inner Stuff, New Food, Warmer Weather, Long Weekends And Tax Refunds

I have got the best fan club around.  All the people in my daily life gush over me every single day re: the weight loss.  It gives a girl a big head let me tell you. There isn't a day goes by that I don't get some kind of affirmation that what I am doing is working.

This afternoon I was thinking about just how I felt back in the pre-diet days.  I never felt like I fit in.  I always felt like a massive freak of nature that was stuck so far out of the mainstream there was no way I could ever get there.  My self esteem was in the toilet.  I never looked people in the eye.  Now I am normal.  The fat girl in my head is slowly coming around to the new reality.  She still tries to steer my eyes downward and avoid social situations, but it is getting easier to remember that those coping mechanisms aren't really necessary anymore.

Men give me a second look.  It is such a rush to be noticed after living in the shadows for so long.  I'm still not ready to give one of them a shot, but I'm getting there. I am going to shoot for venturing into the dating world this summer.  If I give myself enough time to get used to the idea then it will make it easier to let down my guard enough to actually do it.

This ends the inward reflection.

I tried falafel for the very first time today.  They were really good and surprisingly they are a great food for the diet at around 55 calories a piece.  They were paired with a Greek side salad so I had a pretty decent lunch for not a lot of calories.  I'm definitely working them into the diet on a weekly basis.

The weather is supposed to take a marked swing upward on Saturday and it won't come a moment too soon.  If Houston can just stay in the 60s or 70s until March or April that will suit me just fine.  I am ready for Spring and all the ease that it will bring.  Normal blogging will resume.

I'm off tomorrow for the planned long weekend that I will enjoy for the next 3 weeks to burn off the remaining vacation days I can't roll over past February 11th.  I plan on spending a relaxing morning in bed drinking my coffee and window shopping online for a mid century or art deco style dining room table that will be bought with my tax refund.  I plan on filing that on Monday.  If you have never filed online, do it and choose direct deposit.  The refund comes in a matter of days vs. a matter of weeks.  Plus you don't need stamps.


als said...

I'm so glad the "fat girl in your head" is losing ground to the real you! Yaay!

Enjoy your vacation! :D

Plump Nonfiction said...

Sometimes I look in the mirror and still see the same fat girl but I think it's because I see myself everyday. When I look at my comparisons... thats when I don't feel like the 275 lb. fat girl anymore.

You have come so far. You are awesome! You set your mind to this and are conquering it! You go girlie!

Mrs. D said...

I'm glad you have so many supportive people in your life- it makes all the difference some days!! I STILL see my far-girl every day, and I think Pam hit it on the head. We see ourselves daily so we don't notice the changes until our clothes start falling off. I'm working on the "looking down" thing too, it gets easier.

Enjoy the long weekend, and glad to see you feeling a little better!!

Beth said...

What a great post, how exciting to be growing in self-esteem and self-belief.

And yeah, I love falafel, they are yummy, I discovered them a few years ago. Mmmm.

Princess Dieter said...

The title made me guffaw!

We love falafels. It's weird for hubby, since he won't eat pulses/beans/legumes and won't eat chick peas in salads or soups. BUT...he'll eat falafel. I like em when they're heavy on the onion and parsley. Mmmmm.

They are fried and they usually come with tahini or hummus to dip, so the calories can add up with the tahini. Not on plan, but YUM.

I like em best with hummus to dip or stuffed in a half-pita with some salad stuff, then a bit of sauerkraut for the acid kick, then a drizzle of tahini. Calories add up fast, huh? Dang....

We always have our taxes submitted online by our accountant, but it takes a whole lot more than just days to get our moolah.....maybe cause we have a more complicated tax form?

Dating? Whoa. How exciting for you. Exciting and a bit scary, right? I think I'd plotz if I had to date now at age 50. Hubby better outlive me, I tell him, cause I dread the dating stuff again...

Happy Day, girl!

Oh, and for the dietitian, she reviewed the packet, my online meals (I printed my Sparkpeople daily food log), and looked at my medical conditions, and she removed some carbs from the plan. It's very similar, but fewer starches and more protein (lean). She said she usually does not put as many limitations as the Challenge/1200 on her patients, but we worked through to get it in the 1200 zone. In future visits, we'll look over the menus of places I like to eat with hubby and come up with the best choices, cause we like to eat out and it's been a no-go with the challenge lately. She did cut back my beloved cheese, though...I loooove cheese and I'm sad. :( But we'll see if this breaks the damn plateau--and yes, she talked about the plateau science and stuff (I started to zone out at that point, satisfied with her saying, yes, her clients have to deal with it and tweaking the diet profile sometimes is enough to get the body going agaon).

The hypothyroidism: minimize soy, but don't have to totally cut it out. Maybe once or twice a week of soy servings....

She took out the banana, gave me potassium/fruit alternates, and had me do Fage and fruit instead of the Dannon Light and Fit. She allows me to have my WS hot cakes to alternate with my egg white breakfasts, and wants me to include yolks more often.

But not a lot of changes, just to suit the particular allergies/medical conditions. It should still fall within 1200 to a bit over.

Let's see....

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about your dating adventures! Go get em, girl! :)

Vegan Chick Pea said...

Isn't falafel the best thing you've ever eaten? :)

I'm so glad you feel great. You're awesome, and I'll always support ya! :)

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