Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Joy Of Cold Weather Cravings

When I weighed 370 lbs and had all that nice voluminous fat to keep me warm I used to love winter because sweating just didn't happen.

Now?  I am wondering how in the hell long Houston's winter will actually be because I am a) cold as all get out and b) my appetite is on overdrive.  370 lb me didn't worry about calories or even about keeping to a diet unless it was whether to have a pint of ice cream to close out the day or not.

All that to say is that I don't like the cold weather because it makes me hungry and I crave fried chicken and macaroni and cheese and all the other high fat, high carb foods that made and kept me fat for two decades.  I'm not going to eat all that stuff, but man I am wanting it REAL bad.

Another thing that is making me cranky and, really, the first politician that supports a bill to ban the presence of cheesecake or Girl Scout cookies from workplace break rooms across the land I am voting for.  If have to move to their state and/or district, I will do it.  It is frakking January, the official sponsor of diets, and our kitchen at work has been littered with crap all week long.  It just ain't right.

/ rant


Anonymous said...

That isn't right!! But stick with your plan...Don't eat the stuff :)
Wishing you strength to continue to walk right on past the tempting goodies!

Princess Dieter said...

Lord, I'm looking forward to being cold. Even when we have cold fronts, I usually sleep naked while hubby is bundled up with pajamas and sweaters and hoodies and blankets. It has to get down to the 40's outside for me to feel chillly inside sans heat. I'm tired of being hot from fat.

Bring on the shivers. I want em.

Erin said...

Sadly my blubber layer does not actually keep me warm, I am perpetually cold. I sleep with a heavy comfortor even in the height of summer. It is so hard when all that crap is littering the workplace, people bring it to be nice, but it they don't realize how hard it is for some people.

Beth said...

I'm cold all the time, Kimberly, you have my utmost sympathies on that front, that's probably one of the few downsides to being slim!

And damn on the workplace cookies, that is BAD NEWS for everyone. Great for the Girls Scouts, bad news for everyone else. Can you just stealthily throw them away a few at a time in an act of food treason and in solidarity with the fat fighters of the world? You know, like some kind of undercover food freedom fighter? (Honestly, I'd do something like that, just to diffuse the tension of the cookies and to create an absurd narrative in my head that would help to mitigate the call of the cooooookiiiieeeees.)

Ok, I'll stop sharing my crazy with you now. Have a great cookie free day.

Tamzin said...

totally Can you believe tha people are already bringing KING CAKES to the office. Seiously people... a little preature.

I actually dug ut the baby and threw it away so no one else would buy another.

Honestly...this is what they made me into. I stole the baby and threw it away.

Ah well. No cake in teh kitchen this morning makes it ALL worth it.

Kelly said...

I'm with you on the cold. It's terrible. I read that Florida is the only state without snow right now. Yes, even Hawaii has snow. So I'm currently looking for someone to have my as a houseguest in Florida.

Right, with the cookies and stuff. I know. WTH? Hard enough to lose weight but then this?

Makes me feel pretty strong to resist it though.

FatAngryBlog said...

It's really cold here and I hate winter *shiver*

I gave you an award! Check out my post about it :)


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