Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Biggest Loser: Work Edition

I signed up to do a Biggest Loser challenge at work. Today was the initial weigh in.

The good news is that there is only a .3 difference between the scale we will use and the one I have at home. So, I will have a pretty good idea of what each weigh in will show before I actually step on the scale. I feel like I will have inside information.

It took a lot of courage for me to trust the person recording our weights. I am probably the fattest contestant in the challenge. Knowing that and still stepping on the scale for another human being to see that number was tough. But I did it, because I want the extra motivation to keep losing. I also maybe want to win one of the cash prizes. The top 3 losers take a percentage of the total pot - 1st gets 50%, 2nd gets 30%, 3rd gets 20%. The pot is starting out at something like $850. I think I have a real shot at it because I've been doing this so long and most people are just starting out.

The next weigh in is on January 16th. If I gain weight, then I owe the pot $1 per pound. If I don't weigh, then I owe the pot $1. I won't be adding to the pot at all. I can guarantee that.

I'm exicted.


Linda said...

That's an awesome challenge!!!!!!!

Chews to Lose said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. I bet most of your co-workers will have a thing or two to learn from you. Good luck on both biggest loser challenges.

Fatinah said...

what a great set up. I'm impressed with your courage re: the actual weigh in. Good luck with the challenge!

Krissy said...

That's a great challenge! Good Luck!

Losing Waist! said...

You can soooo kick everyone's ass! $850?... I would do a lot for $850!

Kiki said...

YAY Kimberly! What motivation to be doing TWO BL challenges. The money is great incentive.


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