Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Food Log: 01.21.09

I feel like death warmed over. The cold from hell still lingers and has zapped every ounce of extra energy I ever possessed out of me. I want to be well!!!

I ate less than I wanted to today, but I'm too tired to worry about it.

There won't be any walking tonight. It is far too cold and, as mentioned above, I want to get well. Colds and freezing temperatures don't mix well.

The good news is that I will get a new computer tomorrow and can finally join in on all of the Biggest Loser fun. I am so sorry I've missed out on supporting everyone on the A-Team these past 2 weeks. Don't forget to weigh in!

foodww points
b: coffee w/ skim milk (1 - 16 oz) *central market*1
b: veggie corn dogs (2) *morningstar farms*6
l: sauteed snap peas & carrots (6 oz) *central market* 3
l: lemon flavored rice (5 oz) *central market*4
l: vegetable egg roll (1) *central market*5
s: garlic & herb crackers (9 crackers) *all bran*1
s: coffee w/ skim milk (1 - 16 oz) *central market* 1

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

My food log @ Twitter is twim_food for anyone that wants to follow it there.


Katie said...

Those veggie corn dogs are WONderful! My family really loves them....even my fussy hubby! lol

Take care of yourself! Here is to hot soup, hot baths, and hot water bottles!:)

Stages of Change said...

Sorry to hear your sick, I just got over some pretty gnarly food poisoning, not matter the form, illness = no good.

And wow, veggie corn dogs for onlyh 150 cal and 4 grams per? Awesome, I may have found an (ocassional, must be careful :) snack.

Hope tomorrow is great!

MizFit said...

hope you feel better today...I LOVE my Morningstar Veggie Corndogs ;)

Chews to Lose said...

I hope that you're feeling better soon.

I was just looking at your ticker and you're only 8.2 pounds away from a total loss of 100. You rock!!!

Losing Waist! said...

Take care of yourself. You have plenty of time to walk hundreds of miles!

Tracy said...

hope you get better soon. have a good weekend. hugs

bbubblyb said...

Hope you're feeling better and have a good weekend.

Losing Waist! said...

Hey! I was just checking in to see how you were doing? You have been missing!

Rebecca said...

Congrats on the great loss! I saw on BLBE that you earned yourself 3rd place on the biggest loser of the week! You rock! Hope you are feeling better! Looking forward to your new computer and you hanging around here more! :)

Chews to Lose said...

Hi there,

Just stoppin' by to check up on you. Haven't seen you around lately - wanted to make sure you were doing ok. :-)

Sugar Bush Primitives said...

Good job on your phenomenal weight loss this week. You rock!!!


Losing Waist! said...

Hey! Just checking in to make sure you are okay! Haven't heard from you and I know you were feeling terrible!??

purple_moonflower123 said...

Hey! Just checking in with you to see how things are going? I hope that you are feeling better and that I hear from you soon.

Tamzin said...

come baaaaaaaack!!!! :)

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