Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 Minutes

I ran for 5 consecutive minutes during my time on the treadmill today.

My breathing was heavy.  My heart was racing, but it did not feel like it was trying to burst out of my chest.  I felt strong. I felt fitter.

It was glorious!

I cannot wait until I start the Couch To 5K next month.  I can do this running thing that all the weird people do in all sorts of weather that I have never understood.  I'm going to be weird too.  I mean I am already weird, but this adds another layer to all the weird I've got going on.

Update:  Okay, so this working out before going to work is a whole lot better than waiting until I get home.   Now I can be spud like and watch Biggest Loser without feeling all guilty I haven't exercised.


Tamzin said...

Glorious. What a great and inspiring word! :) Nothing wrong with being weird with a side of weird! hahaa

AJourneyToThin said...

I did the C25K program and I highly reccomend it! I did stay on some weeks for months rather than progressing week by week. I had to move on when my body felt ready. Good luck! You'll do great!

shanilie said...

haha - good job! I know what you mean, I feel like a fraud sometimes sitting like a couch potato and watching biggest loser. I should be working out or doing something while I watch.

TheWomanInsideMe said...

Tamzin, great to see you back. I will embrace the weird, cuz it ain't going away. :)

Journey, I am wondering if I have to do the same - repeat weeks until I build my fitness level up. But I am looking forward to it.

Shanilie, How can anyone watch BL and not work out? It is way too inspiring to me.

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