Monday, October 25, 2010

Double Dog Dare You Challenge: Day 1

egg, blue cheese portobello mushroom sandwich & coffee w/ soy milkBreakfast: Allan's bagel breakfast sandwiches have had me drooling, but I am not eating bread.  It is a huge no-no for me.  So I came up with portobello mushroom sandwich instead.
WW Points: 7 / Calories: 370

stuffed zucchini &spinachLunch:  Today's lunch was inspired by Roni's Stuffed Zucchini Pizza Style.  I modified it by adding Morning Star Farms Italian Sausage and by substituting tomato sauce and mozarella cheese. 
WW Points: 8 / Calories: 390

bananaSnack:  Banana
WW Points: 2 / Calories:120

oatmeal w/ peanut butterDinner: Oatmeal with Peanut Butter
WW Points: 7 / Calories: 340

Water: 76 oz consumed

Total Calories:  1220 calories
Total Points:  24 WW points

Starting Weight: 251
Goal Weight: 170
Calorie Goal:  <=1870 calories (170 * 11)
WW Points Goal:  20-25 WW points (150-174 lb goal weight range)

This post brought to you by:
Double Dog Dare You Challenge
created by Allan @ Almost Gastric Bypass.


TheWomanInsideMe said...

It is my favorite dinner now. It has: 13g protein, 9g fiber, 12g fat and 3g sugar. I love it.

Tamzin said...

OMG you are going to think I'm crazy... but Oatmeal... PB and.... wait for it... PEAR! I know... but trust me. It is AWESOME!!!!!! one of my favs.

I LOVE eating oatmeal for dinner. Warm, filling, sticks to you for the night. I might have to plan that soon.

TheWomanInsideMe said...

Why would I think that would be crazy. I think that would be totally awesome - gonna try it now.

Tena said...

Oatmeal for dinner? Oh, that's going on my menu now. And I love PB in mine, too.

PrincessDieter said...

It's been months since I used portabello in place of starch (lasagna, sanwich), and you just reminded me how yummy they work. THANKS!

I think you need to recheck your WW points for the 1800+. Doing 1800 cals, I was getting about 36 WW points, not 25.

On to day 2!

TheWomanInsideMe said...

The WW points and calories aren't supposed to be equal. The calories are just Allan's goal weight x 11. The points are what I am supposed to eat if I were in that goal range already. They have two different sets of criteria. I know it is confusing, but I get it.

And the portobello is just so dang handy. My breakfast this AM is my favorite now.

Mrs. D said...

I definitely have to try the oatmeal with PB! Thanks for sharing this :)

I also left you something over at my blog!

Kelly said...

Oatmeal with PB? Genius!

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