Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Just Not That Brave: Not Exposed


I can post progress pictures (clothes on) for all of the world to see but that is the limit of my bravery.

These ladies (and a few men) are taking it off and getting Exposed.

That is on a whole other level.

I am about a year and a total body lift away from being able to do such a thing.


shanilie said...

I've never heard of exposed before but some of the pictures sure are incredible. I'd love to give it a try some day, but I also am also a little wary. Maybe next year lol

TheWomanInsideMe said...

I missed it too. Although three is no way I would have done it. My self esteem is just not there yet. I have loads of work to do in that arena.

MB said...

I'm not that brave either. Someday maybe we'll both be comfortable enough to expose ourselves.

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