Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is This Thing Stuck?

I have to confess that the scale ain't moving for me this week despite being on plan and exercising.

It is THAT week and as a result I am eating more meat, well chicken, in order to get the protein that I need so that I don't wipe myself out like I did last month.

The disappointment over not seeing the scale tick downward is coupled with the knowledge of why it isn't moving.  Intellectually I am okay with that.   I'm working on the emotional buy in.

This is a marathon.

It isn't a sprint.

As soon as I repeat that to myself about a 1,000 more times then I will be fine.  I'm going to skip my Monday weigh in and stay off the scale until the following week.  I am really hating my little digital frenemy today.

Update:  I wanted to clarify that I am not gaining weight.  I am just not losing it.  THAT week usually brings a 2-5 pound gain (depending upon how well or not well I am doing diet/exercise wise).   So in reality I probably have lost real weight it just won't show up until next week's weigh in.  That Flo is a freaking b*tch sometimes.


Jules - Big Girl Bombshell said...

Oh girl...I hear you... I said good bye to Mr. Scale myself this week....

Tamzin said...

Time conquers all! :) long term, long term. THis is my mantra as well.

Water up and next week weigh in!

Tammy said...

I feel ya and sending hugs. I know how frustrating that darn scale can be when you have been doing everything right. You're right, not a sprint, you'll get there.

Allanmklein said...

Protein, to stay on target, can be from Egg Whites, even whey mixed with water or milk. At the end of the day, the less animal fat your body has to digest and metabolize, the more fat it will concentrate on burning.. All the best

Alexia said...

can i say that as long as you know you're working hard that's all that matters?
the scale will soon realized this :)

hope you're having a good weekend.

TheWomanInsideMe said...

Allan I know you are about the science and are grossly misunderstood a lot of times when you are coming from a great place - you want EVERYBODY to feel better and get healthy. Normally I am too, but last month knocked me on my ass for 2 days. That is highly unusual for me. I am a pretty tough chick. I do need to eat some of that animal fat for a few days. I am not going to get knocked permanently off plan by eating protein. It will just be a slowing of my progress and when the time has passed I will get back to eating my veggie products that I love so much.

TheWomanInsideMe said...

Mr. Scale and I are not on speaking terms. He is sitting over there sulking because I am not letting him beat the crap out of me today but that is HIS problem.

TheWomanInsideMe said...

Thanks Alexia. I have been doing this long enough that I know that as long as I never quit I will get there eventually.

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