Sunday, October 31, 2010

Double Dog Dare You Challenge: Day 7

scrambled eggs w/ cheese, veggie sausage and coffeeBreakfast: Scrambled eggs w/ cheese and veggie sausage plus coffee - 3 cups (with unsweetened soy milk).
WW Points: 9 / Calories: 425

bean, soyrizo, cheese and sour cream tacosLunch: Bean, soyrizo, cheese and sour cream tacos (3).
WW Points: 11 / Calories: 505

Water: 80 oz consumed

Total Calories: 925 calories
Total Points: 20 WW points

I had intended to eat dinner but never got around to it.  Sunday is the day that I cook a few dishes for the week that I can reheat.  I made roasted green beans and cauliflower, mashed acorn squash and stuffed zucchini with blue cheese this week.  By the time I finally finished around 8PM it was just too late to eat and I am not really all that hungry.  My lunch was pretty darned filling.

Starting Weight: 251
Goal Weight: 170
Calorie Goal:  <=1870 calories (170 * 11)
WW Points Goal:  20-25 WW points (150-174 lb goal weight range)

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Double Dog Dare You Challenge
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