Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rewards And Other Things

I decided to reward myself for 6+ weeks of solid dieting and exercise with a major injection of new clothes into my wardrobe.   So I have been out shopping the past two nights after work and have some scored some smaller and cuter outfits.

My pant size is now a size 20 and I have been holding out on buying pants that size for a while now because I wanted to stretch my dollar.  I don't know about you but I cannot run out and buy a whole new wardrobe every time I change a size.  But I am about halfway to a size 18 now and I cannot keep wearing the baggy pants that my 22-24s have turned into - I mean talk about pants on the ground.  Here is a tip, when you are walking on the bottom of your pants it is time to buy new ones (unless you are a rapper and think that somehow looks cool).  Another tip, it really doesn't look cool.  It looks completely stupid.  Just sayin'!

I hit up the Galleria last night and got 4 new tops from New York & Company, 2 from The Limited, 2 from Ann Taylor's LOFT and 1 from Chico's.  Have you guys seen the fall collections at these stores - purple, purple everywhere.  I am going to have to restrain myself from turning into Prince because purple is my absolute favorite color.  Love it!

And then tonight I scored 3 pairs of pants and 2 skirts - all in a size 20.  It felt good to try on pants that fit and didn't swallow me up for a change.  Another thing that feels good is knowing that the next time I buy pants and skirts I will be able to do it at a regular store instead of Avenue or Lane Bryant.  I am almost totally free of the fat girl stores!  Celebrate good times.  Come on!  Come on and celebrate.

As for other things...

I think I am going to have to set up an Ask Kimberly newsletter or something because people are coming out of the woodwork in real life and asking me what I am doing and how they can do it too.  My ego is getting huge y'all.  I'm like the diet superhero living amongst the regular folk.  It is incredible.

Another other thing is something that I knew was coming but I am not quite prepared for it.  I thought I had more time because stupid me thought I had to get to goal and have the body lift surgeries in order to garner male attention.  Um no, evidently it is happening now - flabby old-lady arms and all.  The problem with that is two fold.  One is that I have lived for 20+ years isolated and invisible and never looking anyone in the eye because I was trapped in this morbidly obese shell that was hiding the real me and I am now a socially awkward dork that can't form real words.  The second thing, and really the biggest, is that I care for someone already that is never going to care for me but the feelings exist nonetheless.  The painfully ironic and not funny at all thing is that I can form real words with him and could talk to him endlessly about anything.   It is a bitch, let me tell you.  Everything else is getting better and better by the day and my heart is stuck on what I am never going to have.  Stupid heart.  Oh well.

Okay, so now I am off to read what my favorite reads have been doing for the past two days.


Alissa said...

I can relate with you on the clothing thing- we are right at the same size! :)

Kelly said...

Ahhh new clothes! I just got me some new duds at old navy and I'm quite proud of being in a size 20 also. I cannot wait to hit 18!!!

TheWomanInsideMe said...

Size 18 is like the very edge of the promised land. You can buy pants and skirts in a regular store. I am going to probably react even more than I did when I got under 300 lbs. If you can shop entirely in store that isn't for fat girls then you are normal sized. Bring on the 18s!

Kelly, I love your blog. It was an instant favorite.

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