Saturday, December 13, 2008

Food Log: 12.13.08

Saturday is my splurge day. I am allowed to eat pretty much anything I want that falls within the total number of allowed WW points for a single day. My current points range allows me to eat up to 34 points. I did go over the limit by 5 points but I've also eaten anywhere between 9 and 11 points less than I'm allowed each day this week. So, I think I am good.

I also walked about 3.75 miles today. I don't do activity points for the simple reason that I know that I would abuse them by eating more than I should and then not actually exercising. I might add that flexibility in when I get nearer to my goal weight, but for now I don't ever allow myself to count activity points as part of my diet plan.

foodww points
l: tortilla chips [1 basket] *chachos* 11
l: guacamole [6 oz] *chachos* 6
l: bean & cheese tacos [2] *chachos* 14
d: roasted potatoes [4 wedges] *central market* 3
d: grilled brussel sprouts [3 oz] *central market* 2
d: wilted spinach [5 oz] *central market* 2
s: coffee w/ skim milk [1 - 16 oz] *central market* 1

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

My food log @ Twitter is twim_food for anyone that wants to follow it there.

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