Thursday, December 11, 2008

Non-Scale Victories: Just Say No & Losing My Pants

I've got two non-scale victories to brag about today.

Just Say No

For some unknown, completely insane reason the people in my department thought that it would be a great idea to bring in treats every day for the three weeks prior to Christmas. As if the holiday season isn't fraught with enough high calorie, high fat, sugar laden food as it is, they decided to amplify the influx of goodies that go straight to our tummies, hips, thighs and rear ends. So, not only have I had to fight my own daily inclinations to eat things I know I shouldn't but I am faced with this onslaught on a daily basis. It is my worst diet nightmare come true.

But you know what?

I have said no each and every day. The hardest day was last Wednesday when an enormous tray of oh so decadent brownies arrived that kept looking at me and imploring me to "eat me"! It was a torturous two days waiting for others to finally finish them all.

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself and impressing nearly everyone that hears that I am abstaining from this round of dangerous indulgence. I'm losing weight this holiday season while everyone else is packing it on.

Its a good thing.

Losing My Pants

I began this final weight loss journey at a whopping 370 pounds and squeezing into a size 32 jeans. I am now at 294 pounds and 10 pounds away from being solidly in a size 24 jeans (I can wear regular size 24 pants now). As soon as I can really get into the jeans, I am going to restock my wardrobe with new pants. I think it is good idea to wait until then because I will be a smaller size and it will be a longer period of time before I have to buy an even smaller sized set of pants.

But I say all of that to set up this incredible thing that is happening this week. I am now able to slide my pants on and off without needing to unbutton or unzip them. It was a pretty surreal thing to experience for the first time. I've never had any of my clothes be too small big for me before (see?, I can't even write it out it is such a foreign concept to me) and I must say I enjoy it a great deal.

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