Tuesday, December 9, 2008

WSR: Weight 295.0 - Weight Left To Lose 125.0

Height: 5'7"
Age: 40

Starting Weight: 370 lbs
Goal Weight: 170 lbs

Current Weight: 295.0 lbs
Pounds Lost: 75.0 lbs
Pounds Left To Lose: 125.0 lbs

Percent Of Weight Lost: 20.27%
Percent Of Way To Goal: 37.50%

Starting BMI: 57.9
Current BMI: 46.2
BMI Lost: 11.7

First the bad news. I have not been "dieting" the past two weeks, having given myself permission to indulge over the Thanksgiving weekend it wound up becoming a two week break. I didn't go too far off the rails though because there were limits to what I would eat. I stuck with vegetarian dishes and limited the portions of what I did eat even though it was higher in fat and calories than my "diet" really allowed.

But here is the inexplicable good news - I somehow lost 1.2 pounds in the process. My presumption is that I allowed my body to think things were back to normal and it got all relaxy and stuff and then *BAM* I went back to my diet this past weekend and dropped 1.2 pounds before it even knew what hit it. Yay!

Now I am left with a nice symmetrical amount of weight to lose - 125 pounds. That right there is 5 sets of 25 pound units. So, after achieving my second goal of losing that last pesky 3.8 pounds - it is on to the third goal of dropping that first set of 25 pounds.


Wendi said...

WOW you have come such a long way. You've done amazing and will continue with the great progress!

Kimberly said...

Thanks Wendi. I was wondering where you were. I am glad to see you are back posting on the blog.

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