Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Non-Scale Victory: Sitting Pretty

Okay, so picture this...


A 75 pounds lighter, but still plus sized, gal boards a bus in the big city on her morning trip to the place that gives her money to pay the bills and all the free bad coffee she can drink.

Alas, the bus is full and there is no seating available for our heroine.

Then out of the blue a kid stands and gives up his seat for her. A momentary thrill of knowing she won't have to hang on to the rail for dear life as the bus plummets down the road flutters in her uncaffeinated heart.

But a wave of dread arises as she realizes that the seat offered up is a two seater that faces to the middle of the bus instead of the front of the bus and she will not fit without spilling over into the personal space of her fellow passenger.

Oh no! What is she to do? She doesn't want to make the other person uncomfortable by squeezing in to a seat too small for her size. But then our heroine remembers that she is a lot smaller than she used to be and gosh darn it that seat looks awfully good at this time of morning. So, she lowers herself into the available space hoping that she isn't wedged in too tight.

And then...

The seat is the right size for her. She isn't squishing her fellow seat mate. She isn't inflicting mounds of fat on an unsuspecting and undeserving commuter. She fits!

A round of Hallelujah is singing in her head and imaginary fireworks dance above. It is a glorious day!




Chews to Lose said...

Congratulations!!! Huge victory. It must have made your day (week)!

Ria said...

Congratulations on your NSV! It is a great feeling to "fit into the world" again.

I'm similar to you in age and weight, and I'm taking a somewhat similar approach to weight loss. Your progress is inspiring - keep up the good work!

My blog isn't public, but I'd be happy to add you to my reader list - let me know if you'd like me to send you an invitation (email MerksieCat at aol dot com).

Kimberly said...

Chews to Lose, you have no idea how great it felt. It is one of my biggest fears every day and now I am not limited any more.

Ria, you are right. I do fit in with the rest of the world. That is such a huge thing. And I sent you an email asking to be added.

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