Sunday, December 21, 2008

Food Log: 12.21.08

I was feeling really lazy today and didn't want to make that much effort in what I ate.  So, I walked down to Wendy's and had a pretty darned good fast food dinner for only $3.  It was fast.  It was easy.  It was cheap.  It stayed pretty close to the points range at which I was aiming.  It gave me all that was all I was looking for.

I've got to give Wendy's huge props on their nutritional information pages.  They offer all of the nutritional information for items right off the menu; and also allow you to customize your food and updates the nutritional information to include those customizations.  I wish all restaurants did that.  It makes it really easy to stick to the plan.

It is also pretty cold outside right now so I am not going to do the 3 mile walk I had planned.  I've already walked 5 days for a total of 15 miles this week.  The walk to Wendy's was .57 miles each way.  So, I still got in a 1.14 mile walk.

foodww points
d: sour cream and chives potato [1] *wendy's* 6
d: caesar side salad [1] *wendy's* 7

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

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Bunny Trails said...

Anytime you can combine eating healthy foods AND working out - that's a win/win! You did great! :)

I have a question for you (if you don't mind). How long did it take you to get under 300?

Kimberly said...

Bunny Trails, I am quite pleased that I picked a place to walk to so I could get in some exercise along the way. That is how I really started to walk in the first place - throwing walks in my normal day.

I topped the scale at 370 in October of last year and when I was assessed for WLS in January of this year I was 351. I started to cut back on things starting on June 18th, cutting out sodas and snacks and went to 2 meals a day and I weighed 350 then too. So it took me from June 18th until November 8th to get below 300. I probably could have done it sooner if I had started to diet in June as I am now. But I couldn't just stop all of my bad habits back then.

Neelith said...

Great Job sticking to your points and picking a place you had to walk to. Your story has been an inspiration to me. I normally drive my trash to the dumpster at the end of my street because I just didn't want to walk. But today I walked out my door with trash in hand and laughed at my car as I walked past it on the way to the dumpster. It felt great! One day at a time.

Kimberly said...

Neelith, good for you! That is a great start. It is exactly how I started to walk and built up to where I am now. Congratulations!!! One step at a time sister. One step at a time.

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