Thursday, December 16, 2010

C25K: Week 3, Day 3

Walking Training Log I had the most amazing workout tonight.  The funny thing is that when I walked in the door from work tonight I had no desire to do it.  My enthusiasm just wasn't there.  But I had to keep on the training schedule because there is a looming 5K in January that will be run.  So I quickly changed clothes and got to it immediately.  About midway through my first 90 second run and I had this surge of happiness that I had gotten out there and it energized me through the entire workout.  I worked on the breathing some more, trying to get the timing right and it powered me through the entire time.  I felt so strong tonight - like, I've GOT this.  It was awesome.  Week 4 starts on Saturday and all I have to say is "Bring It"!!!

In a previous post, Beth commented and asked where I got my information about breathing and what C25K training plan I would recommend.

Breathing - Running: A lot of great information can be found on  Search for whatever you are interested in and you can find a wealth of information at your finger tips.  I found the breathing technique there:  How Should I Breathe While Running. also has topical RSS feeds to which you can subscribe.

C25K:  I do the training plan at Cool Running.  They have an app for Android (and probably the iPhone too) that I also use.  The lovely woman tells me when to start running and when to stop.  That way I can concentrate on the breathing to fuel me through the workout.  It seemed the most sensible plan because it starts you off slower than others I've seen.

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