Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Sunday After Christmas

I am away from home at friend's house about to partake in some coffee.  Last night's dinner was sinfully good but I am now ready to finish what I started.

My weigh in for the challenge has been sent to Allan.  The weight I sent is the same as I weighed before last night's indulgent Christmas dinner so I am feeling really good about the work that I did last week especially considering I am smack dab in the middle of TOM.  The real loss hasn't even shown up yet.

My Christmas was wonderful.  I got up, did some laundry, got a light workout in and then came over to my friend Angella's house.  We hung out and then went to dinner.  After coming back to the house we hunkered down to watch both Elizabeth movies.  Midway through the first I got a surprise Christmas present that still has me gobsmacked.  On last week's post-church shopping trip we stopped in at a consignment shop to check it out.  It is one of those rare finds that is a goldmine of absolutely beautiful furniture.  There were two armless wingback chairs that were in tremendously good shape that I fell in love with on sight.  They were my Christmas present.  It turns out that they had one owner, were made in the 1950s and are covered in the original upholstery that is in pristine condition.  I was planning on going back next week and purchasing them.  I wanted these chairs.  How do you say thank you for a gift like that?  When I get back home and can charge my phone I will update this post with pictures.

How was your Christmas?  Did you stay on plan? 

I'm off to read some blogs and see how y'all are doing today.

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