Friday, December 17, 2010

Spawn: Day 11

I was exceptionally hungry today, so I had a few extra hundred calories worth of protein.  This got me to a near perfect balance of protein, carbs and fat.  I've noticed that my body tends to lose weight faster when my nutrition is broken out like that.

I think the increased hunger was due to how hard I worked yesterday fitness wise:

1. walked 2 laps around Food Court @ work = 1 mile
2. C25K Week 3, Day 3
3. walked another 1.15 miles on the treadmill post C25K workout

C25K Week 4 starts tomorrow and I am super excited to see how it goes since I've learned how to actually freaking breathe.  You would be surprised at the difference that oxygen makes in the ability to not feel like you are going to fall down and die at any second.  Why did I ever think that holding my breath was a good thing?

I'm taking a different tact with managing Difficult Man's extreme difficulty.  I am relaying all of the requirements to my user and having her request accountability.  This results in me: 1) not having to stress over someone that who has absolutely no passion for doing the right thing and 2) having an objective third party see how hard it is to deal with DM.  Problem solved!  This makes me a much happier and healthier person.

Calories for today are at 1400.  Water intake, per the usual, was done before leaving work.

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