Friday, December 24, 2010

Eve Of The Birth & Vacation Begins

I'm up.  Breakfast has been had.  Coffee is nearly down the hatch.  Today is the official start of my vacation.  I don't return to the cube until January 4th.

I'm feeling a tad bit better this morning than I did yesterday after getting a good night's sleep.

There are no real plans for today, but I do need soy milk and veggie sausage so a run (or walk) to Central Market is in order.  I'll probably stop by Walgreen's as well and pick up some Drano.  My hair is thick and curly and sheds like crazy because of the weight loss.  It wreaks havoc on my tub's drain.

Week 4, Day 3 of the C25K training is to be done this afternoon.

Other than that it will be a quiet, lazy day at home.

I hope y'all have a good one and that all of you last minute shoppers find what you need and aren't trampled or maimed in the process.

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