Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spawn: Day 9

I am completely worn out from this day. I feel like a wet dish rag right now. 

It started out quite well.  I woke up and got on the scale thinking I was going to remain the same weight I was yesterday morning.  Then I looked down and saw this:

That is 4 lbs lower than Monday's weigh in and 5.4 lbs lower than the weigh in for the challenge on Sunday.  

I couldn't believe it.  I must have weighed myself 10 times and got the same number each time.  Last week was a great week except for Friday.  So once the results of that got worked out of my system the scale is starting to tell the rest of the story.

It is really fitting that I got a number like that today.  I had to deal with the same difficult person that caused me to have so much stress this summer that I turned to food to cope and gained back 40 lbs I had previously lost.  But this morning's weigh in is now 5 lbs less than I was before I put the weight back on.  I'm not going there again.  According to Allan's math I have 4.5 months left before I get to goal.  I like that time line and I am going to stick to it.  Difficult Man can kiss my rapidly shrinking ass.  I've got better things to do than stress over someone that doesn't understand that the world does not revolve around him and his wants.  In fact, in this particular hierarchy, his wants rank dead last.

Yet, even with the stress I still had a great day food wise.  Calories for today are at 1151.  Water intake was done before leaving work at 6PM.

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