Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Funday

Yesterday was one of those "I don't want to move at all" days.  So I stayed home and vegged all the way out. 

I cleaned off the TiVo, transferring the shows and movies I want to save over to my computer. 

I read a little bit. 

I watched the first episode of Top Chef: All Stars.  Why I am watching ultimate food porn while losing weight I will never know, but I love that show.  The only bad thing I have to say about it is "Where in the hell is Sam"?  Sam brought the food and the hotness.  Does Bravo have something against pleasing the ladies?  The first elimination challenge was a stroke of genius.  That was deliciously evil to put them through that but, really, you do have to take it up another notch for an all star season.

While reading Kelly's post about shoe shopping I realized I forgot to post a shoe-related NSV that I experienced this week.  There is a pair of Michael Kors pumps that I bought last year.  These shoes ain't cheap.  They fit like a freaking glove.  Well, I threw them in my bag on Thursday and slipped them on when I got to work.  I stood up.  I took a few steps.  I came completely out of them.  WTH?  I lost weight in my feet?  Oh sure, the less expensive shoes I own still fit but the designer ones that cost more are now too big to wear?  I love it because it is yet one more bit of proof that I am taking the weight off, but damn.  Why these shoes?  :sob:

I'm getting a little bit excited about the coming phase 3 of the Double Dog Dare Challenge.  It starts on Tuesday so if you want to drop some real weight before the new year you need to head over to Allan's place, read the rules and email him to sign up.  I'm even going to do his diet for the final phase.

The agenda for today is football, laundry (that I did not get to yesterday), C25K and yet more vegetation.  I hope to also catch up on what is going on in blogland.

Happy Sunday y'all.

I'm glad it is Sunday
'Cause it's my funday
My I don't have to runday

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