Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday: On Tap Today

I had a great loss this past week (already sent to Allan).  Official weigh in is tomorrow.

My fear is that my body is going to acclimate to 1200 calories and not budge much this coming week.  The plan for today is to eat at goal weight.  I've always responded with better, more consistent weight loss when I throw an off day in there every once and a while.  Eating at goal weight will serve as enough of a variance to not let my body adjust to the routine.

The plan for today is to go to church, then have lunch and go shopping with a friend.

Then it is back home to catch the Cowboys/Redskins game on TiVo.  I've got a bet riding on this game.  If the Cowboys win, I get 10 free cups of coffee from my favorite coffee house.  If the Redskins win, (not gonna happen) I have to buy the owner of said coffee house a hard cover Ray Bradbury book.  I'm going to enjoy my free coffee.  I'm just saying.

I also want to log another 3 miles on the treadmill because that will bring my activity level at DailyMile to 15 weekly miles.  It has been an unspoken goal of mine to get my mileage back up each week and not just focus on the C25K training plan.

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