Monday, December 20, 2010

Spawn: Day 14

It was a pretty standard day today.  No muss.  No fuss.

The only unusual thing that is seemingly turning into the usual these days is that I am waking up before the roosters.  All of this increased exercise, via running, is really screwing with my normal body clock.  It isn't a bad thing.  It is just a new thing and I prefer normality.

Not a day goes by at work that someone doesn't make a comment about how they didn't recognize me or that they wish they had my willpower.  "It isn't willpower" I tell them, "Its that I ask myself what I want more."  I want to be thin more than I want anything else in this world.  That is what gets me to pull on the sweats when I walk in the door and head outside to run or down to the fitness center to hit the treadmill.  That is what gets me to turn down the myriad of goodies that are littered throughout the office.

I was asked today if I wanted to start a group to keep folks accountable after New Year's.  I smiled, knowing that New Year's Day is just another day to me and said I would enjoy that.  It is still all so strange, being the go-to gal about weight loss and fitness.  I know I am doing the work, but the fat girl in my head is still stunned at the turnaround.

Calories for today are at 1070. Water intake, per the usual, was done before leaving work.

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