Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spawn: Day 4

I'm being honest here.  Yesterday was not pretty.  It started out good and proper food wise.  However, after a hellacious morning and afternoon I came home and went insane.  Take a look.  Those numbers are enough for two days worth of calories.

I debated about whether I would even post this.  But then I thought about those that are struggling to even get started and decided that posting the complete and awful truth could be empowering for them.  Because even after losing enough weight to make a smallish adult person I still struggle sometimes with all of the old habits (that aren't old enough apparently).

Today I am getting right back up on that horse.  I am not going to lay down and quit over one bad day.  The old me would have wallowed around in the muck for a few  months after yesterday's binge.  Thankfully I have learned a few things and the muck isn't all that appealing to me anymore.

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