Monday, December 6, 2010

Spawn: The Plan

I updated my bodybugg with my new daily calorie limit.  I am choosing to do the 1200 calorie plan for this round of the challenge.  bodybugg tells me I also have a lower calorie burn goal rate than I had at 1870 calories which is fine by me.  I think I will exceed that just in my daily routine without exercise, but that doesn't mean I will skip it.  The toning alone is worth the price of sweat.

Today I used sort of a mishmash of my two plans because I hadn't yet seen the list of foods or what the menus were that Allan sent us.  So I had my normal breakfast and for lunch I had my first taste of bread since August and it was gooood!  I have had 1011 calories thus far and plan to have some oatmeal with a bit of fruit to get me close to my 1200 calorie limit.

All water has been consumed already today.  I plan it out with regular scheduled intake and getting it all in is quite easy now that I am acclimated to the increased amounts.

The Spawn is on.  I can't wait to see the end result in January.

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