Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spawn: Day 15

I woke up in a crabby mood this morning because asshole neighbor decided that he was going to watch a movie and turn the volume way up on his speaker system.  This monumentally considerate decision woke me up at 1:40 AM and he had done the same thing Saturday night at 1:25 AM.  I can tolerate many, many things but if you mess with my sleep I will hurt you.  So first thing this morning I fired off an email to the Community Manager asking her to call me.  She did.  I related the history (he's been spoken to before by the Leasing person).  She was more than willing to call his butt down to the office to have a little chat about respect or he can seek other living arrangements.  So I am hoping to get a full night's sleep tonight.

Food was easy today.  I had a plan.  I stuck to it.

I managed to score some exercise at work (2 sets of 5 flights of stairs and a mile of walking) .  Thus, I aim to take it easy this evening and get some laundry done and hit the hay early to try to make up for last night's asswipery.

Calories for today are at 1187. Water intake, per the usual, was done before leaving work.

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