Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chillaxing & Crunching The Numbers

Tomorrow is my official weigh in.  I am going to stick with that because Monday works for me.  But I weighed today and sent my results in for the challenge.

I lost 2.2 lbs in 5 days.  That is a good weight loss for that period of time.

The reason why I was so panicky was because the scale had climbed as high as 248 (4 lb gain) this week but I think it was the result of drinking far too much water at first and my body freaked out.  So now I am drinking at the level that Allan assigned and it seems to be back to normal.  I also found that halting fluids at 5PM seems to be conducive for a good weigh in.

Consider me chillaxed. The ApeSh*t Alert has been canceled.

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