Friday, November 26, 2010

That Treamill Is A Liar!

I have always hated the middle treadmill at the fitness center.  It gives me a lower calories burned than the other two.  I knew it had to be wrong but couldn't really prove it.  Now I can.

When I got downstairs tonight there was only one other guy there so I got my usual treadmill by the window, but the TV mounted to it wasn't working.  I do love to get my HGTV on while working out because I get lost in the show and then *boom* an hour is over.  The guy in there with me had grabbed the third treadmill so I was stuck with the middle one.  Did I mention it was a liar and that I hate it?  So I hopped on it anyway and off I went.  I worked my fanny off (not literally - it is still there), but I think you get the point.  I tried out 3.6 mph for half an hour after discovering last night that 3.4 mph was just a tad too easy for me now.  I'm not going to lie, I struggled the entire half hour to keep up with the pace but it was a nice challenge.  If I am going to run I have to increase my stamina.  But back to the lying treadmill.  When I finish my hour it gives me some whacked out calorie burn that was way less than last night's burn in which I didn't walk as far or as fast.  So I stretched out my calves and came back up to my apartment, plugged in my bodybugg and found that my calorie's burned were on par with last night.  A Ha!  Score.  I knew that treadmill was a liar!

3.46 miles walked - 595 calories burned (according to bodybugg)

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