Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't Compete ... Just Complete

I'm sitting here watching the Biggest Loser: Where Are They Now? special.  I am wheepy and emotional and cranky and crampy.  The most special time of the month is here.  It arrived on my doorstep today.  Oh joy!

Did you know that the slogan for the first Biggest Loser 5K was Don't Compete ... Just Complete?  I am fairly new viewer of the show having only watched part of season 8, all of season 9 and for some reason this season which is not the most inspiring despite having one of the most kickass women - Ada Wong.  I wish all of the seasons were on DVD so that I could catch up on the earlier seasons.

Back to the slogan though - Don't Compete ... Just Complete.  That is a really powerful motto and it got me to really think about if I have been doing enough lately to complete my journey. I haven't done the best job in getting my fitness in these past 3-4 weeks or so.  I did make two attempts to go down to the fitness center tonight but I was unable to get a treadmill both times.  When the show is over I plan on making another stab at it.  Do you think I want to do anything other than curl up in bed and watch tv until I fall asleep?  Aunt Flo is great in motivating you to do crap like that when you know you shouldn't.

But I can either choose to make this week a great week or I can phone it in.  If I can make this week of all weeks a great one then there is really no excuse for the 51 other weeks of the year now are there?

I choose to complete.

What do you choose?

ETA:  The third time was the charm.  There was nobody in the fitness center and I got my favorite treadmill by the window.  60 minutes - 3.27 miles - 554 calories burned.

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