Monday, November 8, 2010

Option 2 Does Not Seem To Be Working Properly

How do I put this in a delicate way?  I don't think there is one but this is bugging the crap out of me (not literally as you will soon see) and I want to see if any of you guys have dealt with it as well.

Does anyone have trouble with the #2 function in the bathroom?

When I eat like crap - burgers, pizza and all that heavy carby food I am a #2 doing fool.  When I eat healthy fruits, veggies, beans etc. and lay off the stuff that keeps me fat then there is a breakdown in the output.  I am lucky to experience it once per week without assistance.  It gets downright uncomfortable at times.

I've tried Miralax.  I don't need to up my fiber by taking a pill or powder because God knows I am all about the fiber these days.  The only real relief I get is through glycerin products or Milk of Magnesia (which I don't take that often because it can mess you up if you abuse it).  I get enough liquids and even more now that I am on the water diet a la Allan.

I'm at a loss.  What more can I do?

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