Monday, November 15, 2010

WSR: Weight 242.0 - Weight Left To Lose 72.0

Height: 5'7"
Age: 42

Starting Weight: 370.0 lbs
Goal Weight: 170.0 lbs

Current Weight: 242.0 lbs
Pounds Lost: 128.0 lbs
Pounds Left To Lose: 72.0 lbs

Percent Of Weight Lost: 34.59%
Percent Of Way To Goal: 64.00%

Starting BMI: 57.9
Current BMI: 37.9
BMI Lost:20.0

I drank the water.  I freaked a bit.  I still lost weight.  2.2 lbs to be exact.  I have now lost weight for 11 straight weeks in a row.  Diet and exercise work if you just keep doing it.  Who knew?  This would be a huge seller if only people knew about this miraculous cure for obesity.  I can't believe I managed to stumble upon it.

11 weeks back on plan and 35.0 lbs lost.
3 weeks on the DDDYC and 9 lbs lost.

Onward and downward y'all!

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