Saturday, November 6, 2010

Double Dog Dare You Challenge: Day 13

soyrizo, cheese omelet & veggie sausageBreakfast: Soyrizo, cheese omelet & veggie sausage plus coffee - 3 cups (with unsweetened soy milk).

apple w/ peanut butterLunch: Apple w/ peanut butter.

snap pea, mushroom, roasted red pepper, corn & veggie burger stir fryDinner: Snap pea, mushroom, roasted red pepper, corn & veggie burger stir fry.

Water:  120 oz consumed

I have been working on upping my intake of H2O in preparation for the upcoming Waterworld that is going to be flooding through me next week thanks to you know who. He is, I suspect, getting quite a kick out of the mere thought of water newbs taking in that much.   Its been surprisingly easy for me though since that is pretty much all I normally drink besides coffee.  I gave up on drinking sodas in September.  It is just not good for you at all and it messes with the touch of arthritis I have in a formerly broken toe.

Starting Weight: 251
Goal Weight: 170
Calorie Goal:  <=1870 calories (170 * 11)
WW Points Goal:  20-25 WW points (150-174 lb goal weight range)

This post brought to you by:
Double Dog Dare You Challenge
created by Allan @ Almost Gastric Bypass.


Allanmklein said...

Check the soy patties with your Doctor. Soy and boobies, not so great... Just check...Water coming....

TheWomanInsideMe said...

Thanks Allan. I will. I don't want to because I love my soy products but since my real mother died from breast cancer it is a huge concern. And I am SO ready for the water. Bring it on! :)

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