Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Few Things & Then Its Lights Out

The time change has kicked my ass today.  I am ready to drift off into dream land right now.  So a few things and then I am doing just that.
  1. I had a much more sane day today with the fluids.  I only consumed 156 oz (16 oz coffee / 140 oz water).
  2. Grocery shopping on a weeknight?  Awesome!  I went.  I got.  I'm done.  And I didn't have to fight a massive throng of folks that don't know what in the hell they are looking for.
  3. I bought some Magnesium Citrate on the recommendation of Princess Dieter to help with option number two that seems to have ceased functioning as it should.
  4. Pee breaks are leveling out to a normal level now.  I don't have to go all the time.  This is due, I suspect, to the football that is where my bladder should be.
  5. Hope reigns supreme in my heart that the Cowboys might actually win a game this week after the long called for regime change.
  6. Biggest Loser 10 is pissing me off.  If you watch, you should know why.
  7. Now that LOST, 24 and Battlestar Galactica are off the air I have nothing to watch on television.  This former couch potato is just a skin of what she used to be.  I do miss me some Sawyer.  SonOfABitch!

Nighty, night y'all!  May your scales be lighter in the morning.

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