Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Face, It Ain't Stuffed

I have been having a hard time lately with some pretty emotionally draining things.  In times past that would have meant a mad dash to stick my head in the refrigerator and not emerge until I was 40-50 lbs heavier.

God is a pretty danged cool dude though.  He orchestrated the best week ever of compliments and gushing about my weight loss to keep me from crashing into full on binge eating.  Each and every day I would run into people noticing and commenting on just how much weight I've lost.  This did not suck.  It was just what I needed to keep right on going and not succumb to the urge to stuff my face until I couldn't breathe.

I may have felt like hell, but I remained on plan and on track.

So I am going to chalk this up to a non-scale victory with a huge assist from the Big Man upstairs.

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