Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Double Dog Dare You Challenge: Phase 2 Starts Now

Allan, he of "its the math, stupid!" fame, has posted the Double Dog Dare You Challenge Part 2.  This challenge will run through December 8th and get us through the monster of all food holidays - Turkey Day.

I plan on watching the Cowboys lose again (hopefully not after the long called for coaching change yesterday, but seriously my 'Boys are killing me slowly).

Okay, where was I?

All of the challenge participants have been given their marching orders based on their current weight and their goal weight.

Here are mine:

Starting Weight: 244
Goal Weight: 170

Calorie Goal:  <=1870 calories (170 * 11)

Minimum Fluids:  113 oz
Minimum Fluids (Accelerated Weight Loss):  133 oz

Expected Weight on 12/08:  228
Expected Weight (Accelerated Weight Loss): 224

I am ditching the WW points in favor of the calorie goals because I think they work.  I use points to buy my food.  I will use the calorie goal to actually lose the weight.  And you know what?  I am perfectly fine with weighing between 224-228 lbs on December 8th.  I am not going to hate that at all.

Good luck to all the challengers.  Lets blow Allan's calculator apart with our results this time.

Onward and downward y'all!

ETA:  I am not going to lie.  When I typed out my title for this post I heard it in Phil Keoghan's (The Amazing Race) voice.

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