Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Sunday

I got up early and sent my weight in to Allan for the DDDYC.  It was another good week.

Tomorrow is the official TWIM weigh in day so results will be posted then.

I am about to go make my breakfast and laze about for a bit until it is time to get ready for church.

The Cowboys aren't on television this week in Houston.  But the Jets vs. Texans game is going to be the better game so I will let it slide.  Huh?  TiVo didn't update the schedule for this game until after they did for the Thanksgiving Day game.  They are on TV this week.  Anyhoo, the Cowboys should add another win this week against the Lions.  I'm liking the discipline that Jason Garrett is bringing.  I believe it was the root cause of why they were inexplicably losing games that they should have won. 

Happy Sunday!

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