Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Short Work Day & I Venture Into The Belly Of The Beast

I have to go into work today for 270 minutes (4 1/2 hours for those of you who can't carry the one).

Then I venture into the belly of the best - Central Market - on the day before Thanksgiving. That place is a madhouse on a normal weekend that isn't the biggest food holiday known to man. Today though? I'm scared y'all. Thankfully I have my list and it is rather short. I have to get salmon, agave nectar and acorn squash for tomorrow's meal and maybe some more Splenda and veggie sausage. Then I am out of there. Note to the grandmas that think it is cute to walk as slow as possible when going nowhere in particular: I ain't having it today granny! Get out of my way and we are good. Otherwise? It is SO on.

1:30 brings 4 1/2 solid days of solitudinal (I know I made this word up, but it would be a great word) bliss. I plan to study Visual Basic .NET, watch me some football, eat a little bit, work out because I know the fitness center will be a ghost town (heaven!), read at least one of the many books that have been sitting there collecting dust and clean out my closet.

Now it is time to throw myself in the shower and get dressed.

Ciao y'all!

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