Friday, November 26, 2010

When Does The Black Begin To Fade?

I'm up, breakfast has been had and now I am wondering what to do with the rest of my day.

Part of me wants to try to go to the Galleria and see what is on sale. I need some new tops. The only ones that fit well now are the few L I already have. The XL are all pretty baggy and loose. However, the sane part of my brain is wondering why on earth I would venture out on Black Friday. Is there a time when it is safe to go? Are all of the 4 AM folks worn out by like noon? When does the black begin to fade?

I've got one more mug of coffee to finish and then it is off to the shower.

I think I might just fight the madness and go.

ETA: No madness for me. I am going to try out my new C25K app on the streets of the 'hood instead. I only wanted to go shopping to get some activity in. I think I will skip the crazy people and just get my run on.

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