Monday, November 8, 2010

WSR: Weight 244.2 - Weight Left To Lose 74.2

Height: 5'7"
Age: 42

Starting Weight: 370.0 lbs
Goal Weight: 170.0 lbs

Current Weight: 244.2 lbs
Pounds Lost: 125.8 lbs
Pounds Left To Lose: 74.2 lbs

Percent Of Weight Lost: 34.00%
Percent Of Way To Goal: 62.90%

Starting BMI: 57.9
Current BMI: 38.2
BMI Lost:19.7

Um, yeah, so how did I lose 4 lbs in a week that I did no exercise and was highly stressed for much of it?  That ain't supposed to happen.  There are science reasons that isn't supposed to work.  I am absolutely thrilled to post such a loss but am downright confuzzled that I did. 

Part one of the DDDYC is now complete.  I started at 250.6 and ended at 244.2 with a total 2 week weight loss of 6.4 lbs.

Release the water!  There is a flood a comin' now that Part two is upon us.

ETA:  Allan's math (okay, not Allan's math but you get the point) is that we need to drink .5 oz of water per lb that we currently weigh.  So my daily water drinkage should be 122 oz.  I ain't afraid of that.

10 weeks back on plan and 32.8 lbs lost.

Onward and downward y'all!


Jess said...

Congrats on the loss, even if you're confused how you got there. A loss is a loss...of course, of course... :)

Ice Queen said...

Four pounds... Fantastic. :D

Jayne Doe said...

Awesome work!

Tamzin said...

Tat is AMAZING!!! great jobbie. I'm totally pumpedfor hte SDDDY challenge and with your math I'll be trying to get 4.2L of water a day.

*FLEX* No problem!! :)

Can't wait for next mondays

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